06 July 2010

Rehabilitation With Cares

Until now, many people still argued, that rehabilitation of addicted to drugs and alcohol are still using the old concept, in which an addict would given hard treatment to make them deterrent.

The patient feels imprisoned and treated like a madman. Such treatment is a violation of human rights and will cause trauma to the patient. Wrong treatments will only increasing the list of failures addicted to drugs and alcohol rehabilitation. But on the other hand healing drugs or alcohol addiction on their own will is not easy. Although the majority people which have long been active addicted by drugs and alcohol generally will enter a period of saturation and the deterrent with his addiction, but because the disease is more powerful than the patient mentality, it was difficult for them to stop using drugs and alcohol.

So, how is the best way to deal with this addiction problem? Until now, for most cases of addiction, rehabilitation is the best solution.Obviously these rehabilitation programs must have criteria that consistent with basic principles of rehabilitation programs, e.g :

• Respect to the clients as a human beings, and the prioritization of the client.

• Have confidence that the client can changes, any heavy problems.

• Involving the client in formulating a treatment plan, to add client determination in recovering.

• Strong commitment and not easily discouraged. Continue the effort, although it has been often encountered disappointments and failures. Be more creative and looking for a more effective approach.

• Have a clear and transparent code of ethics, in running the program functions.

• Maintain client confidentiality.

• Have adequate facilities.

Based on these principles, addicts should be treated as human beings. Means they are entitled to make choices for her life as a whole person.

The task of the rehabilitation program is to motivate them to make changes to positive direction and create a conducive and comfortable environment for them to make changes.

For example, the rehabilitation program at Axis House. The drug rehab and alcohol rehab that located in the Palm Springs area east of Los Angeles offers smooth and comprehensively drug treatment and alcohol treatment. In this rehabilitation program, clients (addicts) will not be forced to undergo much less confined in the recovery program. Clients will be given friendly assistance program of healing and caring, and handled by trained experts and professionals.

Patients will be motivated to see that recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol as a major requirement for himself and his family.

In this alcohol treatment center, we should get rid of the myth that the rehabilitation program is a daunting process. Or even the view that addicts do not have a chance to change.

With a strong intention and determination to change, and an assistance of the Axis House, the real road to recovery for addicts has been opened widely. Read More..